Daniel Opara

Aspiring Astrophysicist and Software Engineer


About Me

I'm an undergraduate student at Tufts University pursuing a degree in Astrophysics and Computer Science. My passion lies in conducting research that leverages machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret astrophysical data about black holes. Alongside this, I enjoy exploring various disciplines such as robotics, web development, and aerospace projects.

Outside of my academic pursuits, I find joy in staying active through running and practicing martial arts. I also have a green thumb and indulge in gardening as a way to connect with nature and foster a sense of tranquility.



Tufts University | Boston, MA

Majoring in Astrophysics and Computer Science
Tufts SEDS - Webmaster (2023-) and Weather Balloon Lead (2022-)

Work Experience

Jun-Aug 2022
Salary.com | Software Engineer Intern

Worked with DBA to support SQL database design, creation, and testing activities

Assisted in data migration from third-party services to self-hosted databases built with SQL servers interacting with the .NET framework

Jun-Aug 2022
ProsperOn | Backend Web Developer

Designed and implemented database models, ensuring efficient data storage and retrieval

Collaborated with cross-functional teams to gather and analyze project specifications, providing technical insights and recommendations

Center for Astrophysics - Harvard & Smithsonian | Student Intern

Measured and studied the elemental composition of meteorite components, chondrules, and calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (CAIs)

Built datasets of meteorites using ImageJ

Assisted in the publication of the peer-reviewed article, "Calcium–aluminum-rich inclusions in non-carbonaceous chondrites: Abundances, sizes, and mineralogy"

Jun-Aug 2020
Citizen Schools | IT Support Specialist

Designed and implemented workflows to better integrate employees into company communication systems

Provided support to computer network users

Managed contact lists for communication and organization software (Asana, Google Groups, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Channels)

Harvard University | Research Biologist Assistant

Aided in research and implementation of different surfactants as a viable means of isolating individual water droplets

Analyzed samples using photos taken from Transmission Electron Microscope

Prepared and presented reports on experimental findings


blue cup

CupBot: A Cup Sorting Robot

Development of a computer vision-based robot that collects and sorts cups by color


Model Particle Accelerator

An attempt to explore the synergy between Low-Level Programming and Physics

cool rocket being launched

NAR L1 Certification

Demonstrated proficiency in rocketry fundamentals and safety through a high-powered rocket launch